David de Rueda Photographer & Urban explorer

Urbex - Urban exploration


David de Rueda is a photographer and urban explorer. Traveling the world to explore abandoned and off-limits places, he’s also inspired by night scenes and great landscapes. From underground infrastructures to rooftops, through abandoned places, urban exploration, also called urbex, is an activity that offers an (almost) limitless playground for those who dare to venture there. From the top of NYC bridges to plane graveyards in California, David spent three months exploring the United States. He filmed Urban Escape, a road movie about American explorers on their secret adventures. In 2015, Nikon gave him carte blanche to create a series of photos mixing Soviet places and sci-fi scenes, from Italy to Kazakhstan. In Baikonur, he brought to light the abandoned space shuttles of the Buran programme. He’s also one of the protagonists of Red Bull’s series Urbex and the central character of Google’s campaign and film Curio-Cité, introducing viewers to the world of urban exploration in Paris.




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2022, (Un)making Home (collective exhibition), Auditorium Parco della Musica Ennio Morricone, Rome.
2022, New Minett (collective exhibition), Konschthal Esch, Luxembourg.
2019, Urban Exploration Photo Exhibition (collective exhibition), Luxexpo The Box, Luxembourg.
2018, Urbex : à la recherche de passés oubliés (collective exhibition), La Bastille, Grenoble.
2015, Urban Escape (solo exhibition), Hôtel C2, Marseille.
2013, Ma Samaritaine 2013 (collective exhibition), La Samaritaine, Paris.
2011, CMJN, à chacun sa couleur (collective exhibition), Festival MAP, Toulouse.